Project 11

Effects of early life experience on spatial cognition, neurogenesis and neurohormonal responses to stress

ESR 11: Lucille Dumontier     Supervisors: Janicke Nordgreen & Andrew Janczak    

Location: Norwegian University of Life Sciences 

Project update 28th Feb 2020

My first few weeks in Norway have already been very exciting! As soon as I arrived, I jumped into the experimental work and things have been quite busy. I spent most of my time working at the farm to sample the first brains and dissect the hippocampus, and in the lab to sort and prepare the samples for further analyses of neurogenesis. I have also attended my first lab meeting and been introduced to other lab members.
Now that the first round of stress testing and sample collection is done, things will get quieter and I will have time to plan the next experiments, i.e. evaluating the spatial cognition of laying hens reared in cage or aviary. I have already started to read papers on the subject, and I am looking forward to designing the protocol of this new round of testing!