Project 9

From quarantine to the lab!

After having experienced my very own version of Groundhog Day (quarantine), I was free to go outside. During one of my first ventures out, I went to the office and met my supervisor and colleagues in real-life for the first time. This was a nice change from the video calls we had before. 
Currently, I’m in the midst of designing my first experiment and reading lots of literature on on-farm hatching and behavioural plasticity. I’ve started to wonder if a PhD-student is a human equivalent of a sponge. Every once in a while, I put on my barn clothes and help out with the chicken. I absolutely loved seeing these little dinosaurs again and can’t wait for my own chicks to arrive.  
In daily life, I’m learning to distinguish all the Swiss cheeses, getting used to hearing Swiss German and exploring all the sights. 

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