IRTA is a research institute owned by the Government of Catalonia ascribed to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock. It is regulated by Law 04/2009, passed by the Catalan Parliament on 15 April 2009, and it is ruled by private regulations. IRTA is one of the CERCA centres of excellence of the Catalan Research System.
IRTA’s purpose is to contribute to the modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development of agriculture, food and aquaculture sectors, the supply of healthy and quality foods for consumers and, generally, improving the welfare and prosperity of the society.

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ANSES is a public administrative body founded in 2010 and accountable to the French Ministries of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, the Environment, Health and Labour. ANSES’s expertise covers health risk assessment in the fields of food, the environment and work, supported by a network of nine laboratories, with a view to informing the public authorities on health matters. The Agency is responsible for human, animal health and welfare and plant health issues, subscribing to the concept of “One Health” for the benefit of all.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions ITN Project Coordinators Day

22nd November 2019

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PhD studentships in Behaviour Informatics and the multimodal study of behaviour.

Are you interested in developing novel approaches to understanding, predicting or changing behaviour?

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The chosen ESRs!

Offers have been made and contracts are being signed. We look forward to welcoming our ESRs to their respective new roles !

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World Animal Day 2019

Today, on World Animal Day 2019, we officially launch the ChickenStress Network !

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